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Pu Inks

For POLYURETHANE  and RUBBER substrates, i.e. foot wear

General Description:
PU Inks are formulated for polyester sheets, polyurethane sheets and molded polyurethane substrates. They have a smooth finish. These inks can be intermixed with each other to give numerous desired shades. PU Inks confirm to the EN-71 guidelines of heavy metal content. PU Inks are vinyl and phthalate free.

Method of Use :
PU Inks can be used directly or for improved adhesion hardner can be added. In PU Ink add 3%-5% Vibrant hardner. Mix only the quantity to be used as the ink can not be stored after adding hardner. Use Vibrant Reducer VLR-15 for reducing the ink. 

Substrate Preparation:
Clean the substrate with the recommended cleaning liquid  VCR-20 before printing. Please ensure that the substrate is clean and dry before printing.

Drying :

Air Drying: Touch free within 25 minutes. Can be stacked after 2 hours.
Jet Drying: 60° C for up to 20 seconds. Cool the prints before stacking.

Screen :
Use lacquer-proof screens only. Clean the screen immediately after printing.

Color Range :

Primrose Yellow

Peacock Blue

Golden Yellow

Royal Blue


Rich Royal Blue

Indian Red   


Crimson Red


Emerald Green

White (Untoned)

Vivid Green

Super White

Shades can be developed or matched upon specific requirements


Slow Reducer (Retarder)




Substrate Cleaner

The end user should test the ink before commencing mass production. Stir well before every use. Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep the lid tightly closed when not in use.


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