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Vibrant Metallic Paste Series And Gold Medium

Vibrant Metallic Paste and Gold Medium are widely employed by screen printers for mixing metallic inks to their own proportion as needed to meet specific job requirements. The selection of appropriate mixing vehicles is normally determined by the types of surface to be printed with paste chosen for visual effect. All Vibrant paste and clears have, however, been thoroughly tested and proven for both appearance and long-wearing quantities on a wide variety of materials. Pre-testing for color and adhesion is recommended before production runs.

When mixing metallic paste with the listed vehicles the following procedures have been successfully used :

1. Mix thoroughly; slowly add the required amount of vehicle to the paste.

2. Then with the recommended reducer to printing consistency.

3. Mix only a sufficient quantity for one day’s production.

Best printing results have been achieved when using the 200 mesh or coarser screen.


This is a vinyl clear recommended for preparing metallic inks to be used on vinyl plastics. Use Vibrant VI reducer or Vinyl Retarder No. 412.

Application :
Vinyl plastic materials, vinyl wall coverings and vinyl coated plastics.

Range :
1. Gold

2. Bright Gold

3. Deep Gold

4. Copper

5. Bronze

6. Green Gold
7. Silver


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